How to write a good essay

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Being a good writer is not something that you will be getting served as soon as you learn to read and write, but you will have to learn how to write an essay that will wow every person who decides to read it or grade it. To be a good essay writer, you need to be aware of the fact that every essay needs to be written in a specific manner and tone. Using inadequate literature is also out of the question as copyrighted material will cause some serious trouble and there is even a possibility that you will be expelled. We are already giving you some valuable information about the general concerns when writing an essay. We felt bound to tell you about the difficulties that you may face and we are going to tell you what you need to do to write a perfect essay.

Let us start with the introductory paragraph

As you had certainly been aware of the fact that this is where you are going to start to show to your readers what the main purpose of your essay was. It is advised that you use the active voice rather than passive as it is more personal for a reader and easier to understand. The linguists discovered that 80 percent of the overall effect on the reader can be attributed to the introductory paragraph. That is the reason why you need to be concerned about making a great impression from the start and try your best to do it.

We are moving on to the heart and soul of your paragraph that is also known as the main body

The best thing to do is to make it more personal thus it is appealing to the reader and he or she will find more common ground with you, the writer of an essay. Sticking to a single idea is not useful or to be honest much interesting so we recommend you try to mix it up a little and add more idea to your essay. You need to have a mutual subject, something that will hold in line the whole essay, i.e. the essay need to have a main goal as a matter of fact. Do not try to overextend the facts that are not too much important for a reader’s understanding on your as it is confusing and useless. Essays which require a certain academic level will get rejected if you stray away too much from your main topic.

Important – conclusion

You may think that conclusion is the least important paragraph of your essay as a reader will start to lose interest and that this person is waiting to get to the end. This cannot be further from the truth as the conclusion is your last chance to impress and intrigue your reader. You can do this by boosting your main argument or by summarizing each and every important point in your essay. Do not end your essay if you think there is something more important to say, just go ahead and mention it. We recommend that you let your friend or a colleague read an essay so they can share with you their opinion of it.